What's Included:

This white paper provides an essential practical guide on the benefits of 3-D measurements of aspheres as well as a couple of real-world manufacturing examples. 

This white paper also goes into detail why one may prefer measuring aspheres in 3-D over  2-D, not to review the merits of the individual technologies as they apply to specific shapes.

Also, we will distinguish the difference between measuring aspheres in 2-D (form) and 3-D (irregularity).

Measuring Aspheres in 3-D World


Measuring Aspheric Lens in 3D


Key Aspheric Capabilities: 

  • Diameter: 10 - 200mm
  • Centration to seconds
  • 2-D and 3-D Metrology available upon request
  • Custom Coatings
  • Can use MRF to improve aspheric surface quality, which can reach λ/4, with reduced mid-spatial frequency errors.